Thursday, October 24, 2013

Query Planning Gone Wrong: The Video

If you missed my talk on Query Planning Gone Wrong at PGCon and Postgres Open, but you'd still like to hear it, videos of both versions of the presentation are available on YouTube.  Here's me giving the talk the first time, at PGCon, and here I am giving it again, at PG Open.


  1. I'm still interested in how we can add a method for hotfixing query plans which doesn't exhibit the well-known issues of Oracle query hints.

  2. Hi,

    Robert, thanks a lot for this case — I'm going through it, watching it very interested. I have a comment, not related to the talk itself — I know and understand you presented this in front of the PostgreSQL developers, and they are your main target. However, the amount of interaction with the public brings "boring pauses" to the stream. The audience's questions are barely audible, and often not understandable.
    Maybe if the recording included a camera (not only showing the slides), maybe this dynamic interaction would be better — Although, of course, it would require much more production.
    Anyway — Thanks for a great and very interesting talk. for the techies recording the talk, having better volume for the audience questions would greatly enhance our understanding of your talk!

    1. The question/answer problem has the simple solution that the presenter should repeat all questions before answering. The fact that the Q&A sections are basically "audio only" is a separate issue but honestly not one that is usually worth "solving".